Performance Artist

I have had a break from my own live art practice 
I am throwing myself back in

studied and created live art
under the guidance of Sara-Jane Bailes
and Augusto Corrieri at Sussex University

current work:

(Re)Discover, comissioned by and created as part of SouthWestFest 2021 festival programme

17th-23rd July

a 45 minute self-led audio walking tour around Pimlico, London; a creative, wellbeing and learning experience

developed over 4 months, lots of walking, lots of thinking, lots of engaging with locals about their experiences and stories from certain spaces, lots of weaving, lots of research, lots more walking

*piece available for programming

– an audio exploration

– a medley of stories – musings – thoughts

– a space to (Re)Discover place

previous work

Instruction to Happiness, video installation, commissioned by and created for SouthWestFest Digital Festival 2020

screening 6th-12th July 2020

A research led project culminating in a community live art digital installation

Happiness is a feeling, but can we make it? Can we perform it?
Can we fake it til’ we make it? Can we manifest it?

The lasting effects of coronavirus on individuals and communities will be felt long after lockdown lifts – could we create a resource for producing happiness?

I surveyed the community of South Westminster and beyond on their physical experiences and responses to happiness, and from this created an instruction manual for happiness. 

I then found participants that lived or worked in the SW1 postcode to work with to create the final video installation...

iterations of woman


if you look closely you might see my reflection

kvinnlig akt by olaf sager-nelson, 1892
location : bedroom

lady bingham by james watson, 1776

photos by Greg Goodale

C2 in ‘C’ at Toynbee Studios as part of Banner with Artsadmin, 2017,
Dir. Cori Williams

footage by Dasa Raimanova

“ ....and I started to think about what came next, or what is coming next, assuming there is to be a future of events. I rely on others around me to trigger my history, my memories. I give objects to provide memories of me. Someone might find one of these memories 300 years from now in an archeological dig and think, ‘This is just a rock.’ But I helped put it there.

a scene for the theatre” Cori


    Regarding Landscape - Performance Composition Camp, 2016
    led by theatre artists Karen Christopher and Augusto Corrieri with interventions from Elion Morris and Sara Jane      Bailes

a week long residential
intensive performance-making

Performer in ‘Weltarm’ (whilst studying) at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, 2016, Dir. Augusto Corrieri

Our devised final performance project, “working with how animality can intervene in the theatrical mechanism, altering and undoing questions of ‘communication’ and
‘representation’.” (A. Corrieri) 

an exhibition
a live installation / alive installation
a performance
a muffin

Performer in ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’ with Complicite Creative Learning and Why Not Theatre at Battersea Arts Centre, 2015, Dir. Ravi Jain and Rose Plotek 

What would be your once piece of advice to me? 

If we weren’t related, would you like me?

Do you think you’d survive a zombie apocolypse?

A delight to work, learn and perform with such a brilliant group of women and to work with my mum in this new and intimate way. 

Four mothers and four daughters sit round a table, they take from a sealed envelope a set of rules and questions. The audience watch. What happens is awkward, hilarious, touching and uncomfortable. After the audience join each mother/daughter pair at a table and they all eat together. 

Dodie Finamore - 2020